2 X M1911 Kids Safe Magazine Toy Gun


GREATER VALUE 2 X Popular Kids Toy Gun Replica COLT M1911 1:1 size Magazine Fed Kids Toy Gun! Look no further – Check out this cool COLT M1911 Magazine TOY GUN pistol! Safe Kids toy gun party gun, also popular with teenagers due to realistic size and feel.
Unique fun gun, for big kids and little kids! Shoots soft rubber Glow-in-the-dark tipped ammo, discharged from a self-load magazine chamber, one after the other – this little beauty you will not be disappointed!! VERY Good Value for money – shoots approx 2 metres, providing completely safe play. We have tried plenty of toy blasters over the years and this one really is fun!
The magic of this popular toy is the realism of it’s mechanics, not the distance or accuracy of the projectile.
This toy’s dimensions are 11” x 6.8” x 1.7” in inches and it weighs 200gms. Its dimensions correspond 1:1 with the real equivalent pistol

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